Thursday Thankfulness Party

The firsts of the month are some of my favorite days of the year. They’re like mini New Years’, where you get to start fresh, watch the seasons change, get a new perspective. I always feel like the firsts of the month should be really good days, setting the precedent for the rest of the month. But what I’ve learned about really good days is that gratitude makes all the difference in the world.

Right now, I’m thankful for:

1. My all time favorite husband


This is him at 8am on a Saturday, after I bribed him to come downtown with me for work with the promise of an amazing breakfast after a short event set-up. Except the place I was going to take him for breakfast was closed for renovations, so we ended up in the closest small cafe we could find. It was eh.

2. This little critterIMG_7722

My fluffy wittle pumpkin. Hagrid has gotten so much sweeter and cuddlier as he’s gotten older (and since his manhood was taken away from him). Anyone else have a house rabbit? I’m afraid I don’t feed him enough.

3. Exploring Columbus with friendsFullSizeRender IMG_7721 IMG_7781

This is quickly becoming a favorite pastime. I got to introduce some non-Columbus natives to North Market one weekend. The above macaroons are from Pistacia Vera. My favorites of these four were lavender honey and vanilla bean. Heavenly. Biting into a macaroon is the food equivalent of laying your head on a pillow. Must do with eyes closed to get the full effect.

The last picture is of Kirstin, whose friendship I treasure. Through the years we’ve discovered we have so much in common, so little in common, and so much in common yet again. She’s also basically the reason Brett and I got together. Another bonus: our husbands have been best friends since middle school. Kirstin and Pete come from two opposite corners of Ohio, and somehow ended up here in the middle with us to enjoy things like margaritas and Bacon Fest (to the fullest extent it can be enjoyed) and sharing a Netflix account.

4. Paddleboat double dates with friends from life group

Guys, our life group (city group/small group/Bible study/whatever you want to call it) is HUGE. Which is great because, as my amiga Sara put it, “We have so many friends now!” But it comes with some challenges, like getting to know one another and going deeper with each other. I’m a very open person, and even I have to admit that it’s harder to be really vulnerable with eighteen people instead of ten. But paddle boats and nature walks and pounds of chips and salsa make me feel like we’re getting somewhere. Date your friends, people. It’s the best.

5. The little thingsIMG_7783 IMG_7740 IMG_7762

Spontaneous family bonfires, rainbow food (warming up to a Whole30!), swapping hand-me-downs and strengthening the bonds of friendship, flannel, running outside again, apple cider, tomato soup with cornbread plopped right in the middle and honey drizzled on top, having a houseful of women drinking wine and chatting, lying next to Brett knowing that he’s home for good (new job, PTL!!), and going to bed tired and smelling like campfire.

This life is good. What are you thankful for today?


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