Thursday Thankfulness Party

Yesterday, this blog opened me up to a whole other world of gratitude. I’m thankful for my own baby brother, who I got to get to know for two years before he left for Heaven. I am beyond-words in love with my other three brothers, all over again. The little one being gone is only part of the reason why they’re so precious to me. And most of all, I think, I’m grateful for my parents. The fact that I don’t remember their hard battle with grief is a testimony to how well they kept me from their anger at God so eventually I could experience my own.
If you clicked that link or read any of the Zeller family’s story (which I really encourage you to), here’s another link to where you can help care for them.


Eric, me, Joel, Austin, and Adam

I’m also thankful for the happy childhood my parents gave me. I’ve been trying to dig up childhood memories for the past couple weeks because I thought I didn’t have any. Especially ones of my dad from when I was little, because I’m trying relate to God as “Daddy,” but I had no daddy memories. But I went to stay with my parents this weekend, and of course there were old photo albums sitting on the table so God could jog my memory.



And I’m so thankful for my husband. Specifically, right now, his earnestness and his honesty. And his presence. I just really value his presence. Even on nights when I’ll sit in one room doing my own thing, and he’s in another room doing his own thing, I’m so much more at ease than when he’s, say, all the way in Midland, TX. For eleven days.


Hoping to have Brett’s book report from JANUARY up on here any day now! They’re not giving him a lot of free time down there in the Lone Star State. I’m really excited for the first ever guest-post on my blog from my very own husband! Now this lone star is going to bed, but I’ll leave you with this gem from my parents’ wedding:



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