Mid-week thankfulness party

Last week was all like

photo 1

New workplace shoes from the boss.

photo 2

Sprinkled donut from Schneiders with my man.

photo 3

The brightest scarf – a gift from a faraway aunt.

photo 5

2-3 birthday candles from the best person to share an office with. Hands down. Period.

photo 1-2

Cheerful flowers from McMolls.


To top it all off: presents from Slovenia. Thank you, Rachel!

AND Brett took me to get sushi (the pictures weren’t appetizing), my mom drove me to and from work every day, and my family was willing to get all adventurous and try Indian food (I ordered for the whole table). The two precious Oldest People In My Life sent me love over the phone and in the mail, and the nice barista at Starbucks gave me a free drink even though I didn’t have my birthday coupon with me.
Oh, and my sister-in-law is practically giving us a car (in exchange for repairs and the dreary job of DECORATING MY NIECE/NEPHEW’S NURSERY. As if there’s anything else I’d rather do with my whole life).

I’m thankful for people like you. Because of you it was a good week to be me.

Aaand one more picture of the flowers. Have I mentioned that tulips might be my favorite?

photo 2-2



One thought on “Mid-week thankfulness party

  1. Mary says:

    The more we love, the more we are loved, the more we love, the more we are loved, the more we……
    (The chicken or the egg?)

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