Roll out the red carpet – it’s my birthday week!

It’s my birthday week, and I decided I’m going to do something I like every day. I’m letting myself feel no-guilt entitled to do what I want. Like listen and sing along to just Taylor Swift FOR A WHOLE WEEK in my car (mostly “22” because these are the last few days I’ll get to enjoy it). And I ate two delicious cupcakes last night (made by the lovely Renee Buchan) instead of one delicious cupcake. Still going to the gym though, because of GOALS! and ACHIEVEMENTS!

Another thing I’m doing for no good reason other than I want to: this post. Which is going to be totally different from what I usually post.

Something I really like but am usually too insecure to talk about is fashion. But I am from a family with its fair share of movie buffs, so watching award shows is part of life. Hands-down my favorite part is gawking at all the sparkly, lacey, beautiful, expensive dresses.

Now, I’m not a Project Runway type of girl. I’ve seen pictures from fashion shows, and I really wish I understood it, but I don’t. I just don’t “get” art as fashion. Sorry. I just know what I like and what I don’t like. So even when I miss an award show, I check online the next day to see who wore what best and who earned the the Scarlet Letter of the red carpet: the “worst dressed” list. But none of those lists are ever the same! One celebrity will end up on someone’s Best Dressed list and someone else’s Worst Dressed List. You’d think that fashion people out there would have what’s good and what’s bad written in stone, but apparently not. I think everyone is like me. They don’t all “get” fashion, they just know what they like.

Which makes me more confident and less insecure. So I’m going to just put myself out there and share my enjoyment of pretty dresses with all of you.

Hanna’s Top Five Looks from the 2014 Golden Globes

#5: Michelle Dockery

Michelle 3
This look made a “worst-dressed” list too, for being too simple. I agree she could have added a necklace for a bigger impression, but I just love this dress. It’s balanced: not to simple, not too busy. It’s the right amount of sparkle, and it’s the perfect shape. Also, it’s a neutral shade that doesn’t make her look washed-out. Taupe can be magical like that. Bottom line: if I was going to a fancy event, this is the dress I would pick out.
As I said, I just know what I like and not much else.

#4: Olivia Wilde

Who wears a form-fitting, floor-length, shiny and sparkly green dress with a baby bump? Olivia Wilde does. “BAM,” she says to the crowd. “I own you, and so does this baby,” she says to the red carpet. “Look at my billowy and carefree and beautiful waves,” says her perfect hair.
I mean, come on.
But what I really love about this dress is that it’s kind of like a very fabulous dinosaur skin.

#3: Drew Barrymore

Drew 2
I know, I know, I’m just picking all the pregnant ladies (no, I am not trying to tell you something). But look at her! Look how sweet she is! She looks like a Valentine, and even though she ended up on a lot of worst-dressed lists, I think her whole look is beautiful. Her lips, her cheeks, and her shoes match. For goodness sake. All in all, this isn’t as glamorous as a lot of the looks Sunday night, but it might be my absolute favorite.

#2: Kate Beckinsale

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
Just try to stop gawking at how good she looks. Just try. That’s basically why she’s on my list. The dress is gorgeous and sparkly, and not a bad thing can be said about how she looks in it. Her skin is glowy, and her hair, makeup, and earrings don’t add to or take away from the bling on her dress, which is smart. So there.
I just keep staring at it and thinking of an art-deco mermaid tinsel robot. I’m in awe.

#1: Lupita Nyong’o


Can your eyes even absorb the color of that dress?! No, they can’t. And I’ve never wanted lip gloss like I want her lip gloss, even though I know I wouldn’t look half as good wearing it as she does. Her red dress doesn’t blend into the carpet, but instead makes it look like she’s radiating off of it. I respect that. And she just looks sleek and chic and beautiful, but you can’t look at her for too long because her dress is so saturated in pure color that it will burn your eyes out.

Hanna’s 2014 Golden Globes Fashion Runners-up

#1:Taylor Swift


My girl T-Swizzle has yet to have a fashion bomb on the red carpet. Girl’s got class. And sass.

#2: Anna Gunn

Anna 2
Mrs. Walter White might have made my top 5 if only her dress was a different color. Imagine if it were stark-white instead of the same color as her skin. With a shiny silver necklace. Or the color of Blue Ice. It would have been better. But I love the dramatic back.

Best Accessory: Jessica Chastain

JessicaHer necklace. And how she wore it.
That is all.

Wanted to love but didn’t: Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett looked like the most beautiful person in the world last night, but I just couldn’t like her dress. It has a lot of elements I like – lace, black, sleeves, LACE – but it’s the neckline and the boring bottom and something that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s a Disney villain dress trying to disguise itself as girlie and innocent. It’s not working.

Cate 2

Here’s Cate Blanchett being beautiful.

Honorable mention: Jennifer Lawrence

J-Law gets an honorable mention for wearing something most people hated but being the most-loved human female on the planet anyway. For me the dress was okay, but the top looked like it was too big and about to slide down her. Her earrings and hair, on the other hand, were some of my favorites.

This was fun for me. I hope it was fun for you! But if not, it was fun for me, and it’s my birthday.
What was your favorite dress or look from the Golden Globes? Should I post about this again after the Oscars?


2 thoughts on “Roll out the red carpet – it’s my birthday week!

  1. Michele Brown says:

    Lupita Nyong’o’s dress was it for me. Most gorgeous thing ever! Her skin just glowed and she looked like a princess! Happy birthday week, Hanna. 🙂

  2. […] this post, when I shared my favorite fashion picks from the Golden Globes red carpet? I had a lot of fun […]

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