New Year; Fresh Start

I am inspired by this, and this, and this. Their transparency, honesty, and their goals in sharing their stories.
And I am like that. Really. Ask me anything, and I’ll tell you. Maybe it’s because I think I’m strange or crazy sometimes, but I’m driven by a need to be understood. So I want to be open. And tell people things.

Ooh, The Internet, you enabler, you.

But the thing is, there are certain things about our story that need to be known if we want our dreams to come true.

[Brett and I, I mean.]

We’re on a journey [hopefully] to becoming foreign missionaries, and in the meantime I am grasping God’s hand, constantly telling Him that I know He is leading us somewhere even though I know I can’t always see how He is working for us day-to-day. I have faith in You. I have faith in You. I think You can; I think You can. And all the while “hiding” in my heart the hope that He leads us MY way. Hoping that while I’m grasping His hand and His hand is all I can see or feel of Him, our eyes are facing the same direction. But I don’t know if they are, and I don’t know how He will change me or my husband if they aren’t.

So I want to write this story because I can tell we are already being changed. A lot. And I don’t want to forget it. And if we are indeed to be sent to the nations as missionaries, we need people to know our story. Because it takes compassion, support, love, and prayers from others to get there.

And if we aren’t to go anywhere – if we are to stay in the United States and be *gasp* settled *dun dun DUN* – at least this will be a more reflective year than 2013. Maybe I will be able to feel more than His hand, and see more of His heart. Maybe our eyes will turn to face the same direction He is looking.

I hope so.

Welcome, 2014.


One thought on “New Year; Fresh Start

  1. ericaelisew says:

    love it 🙂 you’re great

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