Thinking and making things pretty.

Holy week makes me thoughtful, and thoughtfulness makes me creative. And the result is that I must make things pretty and organized, and I aspire to let in as much natural light as possible through all our north-facing windows.

There are few projects I love working on more than making our spaces pretty. My mom is a natural, and I’m… Well, my tastes are all over the place. Tastes that will not come to terms with one another. But this week I am trying to make peace.

First, I made a dynamic change to our kitchen. I am very pleased.

Then, I moved on to the bedroom. It needed flowers. Big, fat, round yellow flowers. And white things to stand out against the headboard. And a fresh new throw pillow. And an O for Osterwyk.





The dresser was rearranged about 50billion times.




Then I took a snack break. EAT THESE.


This is the part I’m having difficulty with. My wedding flowers. I finally lugged them over from my parent’s basement, after making Brett inspect the hanging bunches for bugs. I organized them, put some together, played with them… I want to keep them, but there is no good place for them in our apartment.


Our living room has a global feel. We have navy blue, rust, brick, and geometric patterns.



Our bedroom isn’t at all shabby chic, and I can’t make the dried flowers fit in there either. And our kitchen, as you know, just exploded.


And I will not put our beautiful wedding flowers in the bathroom. Although… maybe I’ll have to. Help?



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