My swag kitchen.

Once upon a time, the husband and I went to Meijer to look for coconut-filled Hershey kisses (I’m not kidding. They’re a real thing.) and came out with a whole clearance shelf full of things that would make our home prettier and my heart happier. Among the pile of miscellaneous items was this shelf-liner. We tried the rubbery kind, sans adhesive, and it’s not working for us. Plus, this was so cute. So cute, in fact, that I had inhibitions about hiding it in our drawers and cabinets. (I also had inhibitions about taking everything out of our drawers and cabinets so I could actually lay the liner in them. Lazy bones.) Hence, the rolls of pretty adhesive paper sat on the top of our fridge, forgotten for weeks.


Another piece of information: I hate our kitchen. Aside from everything being crooked and there being absolutely ZERO natural light… Actually, those are basically the things I hate about it. It puts a damper on dinner. I’d been searching fruitlessly for ways to brighten it up.



You know, half my job sometimes is putting giant stickers on walls, so this was going to be a sinch. I grabbed my handy-dandy squeegie and razor blade and was good to go.

Tools of the trade.

Tools of the trade.

It actually went on easier than I thought. The squeegie was not necessary. I just lined up the edges and smoothed with my hands.


I should have taken a “before” picture. Just imagine blank white walls and darkness.

This particular shelf liner (which comes is packages of 2 rolls for about $6 at Meijer) seemed to be part cling, part adhesive, so I was able to peel back a lot of it to line it up better. Because of the width of the roll and the height of the space I was covering, I decided to apply the liner left-to-right, instead of north-to-south like you would normally do wallpaper.

I started by folding down a 2-3 inch chunk all along the left side.
Then I lined it up the best I could with the wall or the piece in front of it.
Once it was straight, I smoothed out as much as I had peeled.
Then I pulled the lining back, little by little, and smoothed as I went. Don’t try to take all of the back off at once.
I did this in about 2 foot wide chunks. This liner came with a neat grid on the back, so cutting in a straight line was easy.
The last step was to trim the edges with my razor blade.

Basically, it just takes practice!


See the crooked corner? My first section was not perfect.

Brett doing the heavy lifting.

Brett doing the heavy lifting.

The best part about this (besides that it was SIX DOLLARS) is it adheres well, but comes off cleanly. A renter’s dream renovation, if I do say so myself!



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