This Guy.

Mornings are hard for me.

This morning was especially hard, as I’m pretty certain I was running a low fever the past two days. Which is why the kitchen is in stinky disarray, we have ONE more clean towel, and all the blankets are on my side of the bed.

(In other news, our Christmas tree is still up. It’s completely bare of ornaments. Those have been taken care of. And I would blame its continuous presence in our living room on sickness, too, but at this point there’s no excuse.)

Anyway, mornings are hard. Even when I’m not in the mood to sleep for 36 hours straight. Even when I don’t stand in the shower for five minutes before realizing I am in the shower.

But I have this guy.


And sometimes, in the morning, he asks this question that makes my heart flutter and swoon.

How can I help you get ready this morning?

Sigh. So romantic.

And then he’ll make me coffee, or pack some leftovers for me. Sometimes he’ll even get out a sweater he likes so I don’t have to spend time deciding what to wear (it might sound weird, but you know you’d like it if your man did that for you. Honesty, ladies.). They’re all kind of “wife-y” things, but I think that’s why I feel so loved and served by him doing those kinds of actions. Breaking gender role barriers and loving me simultaneously. That’s my kind of guy.


One thought on “This Guy.

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