Lately I’ve been feel like I just need to heave a big sigh that makes all the bad feelings go away. I’ve been seeing so much negativity in other and myself, and I wish it would go away because it’s Christmas.

I had the blessing of being preached to the other day from a woman named Anne Sieberhagen. She’s from South Africa, where she raised a bunch of sons who all became Christians. Eventually they converted her, and their whole family has been in full-time ministry for years, going off to become missionaries in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, on ships, or pastor churches around the world.

Anyway, she spoke at Heritage’s women’s ministry Christmas event and reminded all of us who were there that Christmas is just the beginning of the whole story. From the cradle to the cross. She got pretty worked up, and at one point yelled, “Who is Santa Claus?! What does he have to do with this story?,” She asked, pointing at her Bible. ” Satan’s plan is distraction!”

He has me distracted. I get so much joy from shopping for Christmas presents for my husband. Or wondering what surprises he has planned for me. I’ve been looking forward to this for… ever. Brett and I both love Christmas in the same way, and I’ve been so excited to finally spend one with him. But I keep forgetting that Christmas isn’t about giving gifts to my husband. People are always reminding us that the spirit of Christmas is in giving, not receiving. It’s not really about either, unless you’re talking about the gift of Grace.

I’m going to go home and lie down under my Christmas tree and think for a long time about where my joy will come from this season.

Lord, be what I long for this Christmas. Only more of You.


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