Bandwaggoning: A word I made up.

I have a couple good unfinished blog posts. Just sitting there, filed under the Drafts tab, me holding out on you guys.

Being married makes me want to write about a lot of things, because there are so many new things to process. Such as cooking. I have been pinning recipes like a madwoman, and spending unaccounted for amounts of time reading blogs about cooking. Most of these recipes are way to ambitious for this newlywed to attempt. But I digress.

I want to write about our wedding and our marriage and my life. But all of the important blog posts are in Drafts, sitting and waiting.

A couple friends are challenging themselves to write every day for the month of December. You can read their quaint observations and interesting thoughts here and here. I’m joining them – a day late, but I’m making up for it – because I constantly have this nagging twitch.

Write. Write. Write.

Yet my thoughts are unfinished and unedited. Maybe if I type mundane things at you every day – my quaint thoughts or interesting observations – a few of the things I really want to say will make their way out of the Drafts and into the light.


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