My list of what I learned after breaking my ankle in high school

Reading old journals again, and this entry actually made me laugh. Junior-in-high-school-sixteen-year-old me was writing about boys and school a lot. One entry I was off in some daydream land, then I turned the page and this happened:

Friday. April 6, 2007

I effing broke my ankle.
It was going to be okay. Until I fell at the top of the stairs and hurt it again, and realized:
1. Crutches suck and give me armpit burns.
2. I can’t get jeans on or off with this damn ginormous cast.
3. I can’t carry anything while using crutches, including school books. How do other people do this?
4. My family keeps mocking me by calling me “handicapped” and “disabled.” I don’t like it.
5. People are making jokes, but there’s no sympathy because they think that once you have a cast on it doesn’t hurt anymore. But it does. Ouch.
6. Going up the stairs is now the most difficult of common tasks, so my options are basically to sit around all day and watch TV or sit at the computer. I’m going to get fat.
7. Mr. Fusco [my old theater director] is going to be pissed when he sees a cast on his character’s hoity-toity ankle.
8. Eric has already driven away after dropping me off at school with my crutches still in the backseat, leaving me stranded in the parking lot.
9. My toes are cold. Always.
10. I can’t shower for at least a month. I have to take baths with a plastic bag wrapped around my foot.
Stupid bones.

First-world problems of a complaining teenager, I know. It’s been interesting reading my pent-up high school anger and annoyance. I’m glad I saved a lot of it for my journal… Not so glad I saved the rest of it for my parents. Word from the wise to those of you in middle school or high school: Your parents really are people. I remember the exact moment when I realized my mom was a person who experienced the same feelings as me.

Anyway, that changed the subject. I do remember some upsides to having a cast on. My brother did drop me off at the door of the school so I didn’t have to walk all the way through the parking lot. My friend Ryan always carried my books to class for me, and my friend Max always cleared the aisle between desks during second period so I could get to my seat without getting stuck. And I did get it off opening night of the show I was in, revealing my shriveled up calf for the world to see.

Hope this was a little entertaining for you on a Wednesday night (which is the night with the worst TV shows, let’s be honest).



I’m just proud of myself for this. Here’s some of what I wrote later that day, once I realized it was Good Friday.

Oh, wow. It’s Good Friday. How did I forget? Why am I complaining?
“The heart of salvation is the cross of Christ. The reason salvation is so easy to obtain is that it cost God so much…” – My Utmost for His Highest
That’s why they call this Good Friday. Not because it was a good day, but because God showed the whole world once and for all that He is good.

Then I laughed again. This is the next morning:

Saturday. April 7, 2007

I’m an idiot.
I just forgot my left ankle is broken and tried to step off my bed.


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