What a mess this blog is! It’s a history for uncompleted projects. Blogging as I interviewed my grandpa about his life, “Stuff Cru People Like,” praying for the nations one-by-one, my one-dress project, blogging as I read my old journals. Now I really want to start a new blog topic (which I expect won’t come to completion, but I’m attempting it nonetheless). But I figured I’d give anyone who’s wondering some closure on the other things first (a rule of blogging: even if you know no one is following you, you must act as if people are).

The blog entries about my grandpa are really meaningful to me, but I knew my grandpa couldn’t find out about them. After our interviews were over and I left California, I started compiling his stories into a book, which is (finally!) finished. My blog entries helped me remember how he was right after my grandma died, and parts of them ended up in the book.

“Stuff Cru People Like”: all I’m saying is that I’m glad I didn’t keep doing that.

I felt ashamed that I started such a good project with the Praying for the World entries, but felt like no one was following. I got to put the resources I found and lists I made to better use when the idea became the foundation for OU Cru’s prayer event this fall quarter. But let’s be honest, Brett did the whole thing.

My One Dress project. I wore the same dress from September 21 through around December 1st. I’m not sure of the exact date. I value the idea of the One Dress projects, I just failed at keeping up with it. I didn’t promote it or blog about it. Part of the reason for that is that I was overwhelmed with graduating. I chose my last quarter of college to take on a blogging project, and it didn’t work out. The shock to me, though, was: Nobody noticed. At least, I assume nobody noticed because nobody said anything.

I wore the same dress for en entire quarter of school, in the same classes every week, with the same people, and no one said anything to me about it except the people who I told right off the bat.
Maybe that’s the lesson. Human trafficking is right under our noses and we don’t see it or choose to find out more.

And all I have to say about my old journals is that I’m still reading them. I’m learning a lot about myself that I don’t necessarily feel the need to tell all of you about.

There. That’s a weight off my shoulders. Like cleaning out my inbox. Now I can start something new and have hope that I’ll follow through this time.


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