One Dress Project – Week 1

I’m having so much fun! I love the mixture of not having to worry about what to put on every day and wondering what I’m going to pair the dress with. So far it’s been used as a shirt tucked into jeans, worn under a strapless top with shorts, a tunic with my yoga pants and yellow clogs (favorite!), a shirt under a skirt, and a regular old dress.

I kind of feel like the project hasn’t started serving its purpose yet. I’m having too much fun when I’m supposed to be trying to identify with trafficked women. The dress makes me think of them more often than I would if I wasn’t wearing it, but not enough to make me feel like I’m suffering. (Why do we sometimes feel like we need to be suffering to accomplish anything?!) But I dunno. It’s a learning process. We’ll see what the next week brings. I’m keeping International Justice Mission and a couple other websites (to be determined – will update) as permanent tabs on my browser.

I don’t think people have noticed, either. There aren’t many people I see every day, and the people I do already know about the project. But no one has asked me why I’m wearing the same article of clothing whenever they see me, and I’m afraid that in this culture no one will. They’ll just silently accept that I’m the weird girl who never washes her clothes. I guess that’s another obstacle I’ll have to figure out how to overcome. Or if more people read my blog… problem solved! (ha)

Here are some pictures from the week. They’re horrible, so I’m going to see if I can get other people to take a picture of the dress instead of me doing it in my dirty mirror every day. Please ignore my face.

Day One: The dress tucked into some green jeans with a flowery hoodie. Not pictured here: moccasins.

Day Three: Gray short leggings and a pink sparkly belt!

Day Three: Gray short leggings and a pink sparkly belt!

Day Four: Ready for double date/roadtrip day. Jeans. Red long-sleeved shirt, and headscarf from India. And those dirty old chucks...

*Shout out to my great friends Sarah Kaiser and Jeremy King who got engaged that day! So excited for them!

Day Five: All ready for church with my favorite India scarf, black tights, and grey boots (with the sock sticking over the top, of course).

Day Six: My most comfy outfit. Yoga pants and bright yellow clogs on this rainy day. And I got a job!

Day Seven: First time I put the dress under a skirt, and I liked it a lot. P.S. My baby brother is in that locket. =)

Day Eight: The dress underneath another dress. I like this strategy to change it up, too. And unlike with jeans, I still get to wear my favorite tights and boots combination for fall.


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