Hello to everyone following and not following my blog. I have to say I am a little bit bitter.

I concede that there is a good possibility that my frustration is my own fault because I’ve had the wrong reaction to getting absolutely no feedback on my most recent blogging excursion – Praying for the Globe.

I’ve really never done anything like it before – a series where I keep going until the topic is exhausted. But I was so pumped in the beginning. This was a great idea. It would be a total success. People would join with me in prayer. God would be pleased and glorified through me, as people who read my blog banned together to lift up the nations in prayer, adding their own requests, sharing some thoughts…

And so far, that hasn’t happened. My reaction to my readers (if there are any) seemingly not participating has been to wait and see if more will stumble across this blog… Wait for feedback. Wait for affirmation. Instead of going ahead with it and being faithful. Of course I’ve been busy and never made any promises as to how often I would update, but my heart hasn’t been as devoted and my initial passion has been worn down like a blunted sword. Worst of all, I haven’t been faithful in prayer myself. Botswana has been waiting for my prayers for a long time as I’ve started and re-started a post about it. I keep deleting it because I’m too distracted while writing to actually sincerely pray for the country. So wrong.

Basically, I’m repenting of my stubbornness and wanting to be affirmed by anyone but Jesus. So this is just me telling you that I’m going to keep going, and I don’t care about any of you.


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