Botswana is a landlocked, multi-party democracy in southern Africa. It has been blessed with economic growth and lack of government and market corruption. The Gospel has spread through Botswana, and 66% of the population identifies as Christian, and almost all of the population has had the chance to hear the Gospel. The rest are nonreligious or follow ethnic religions.

According to the CIA World Factbook, Botswana has the second highest rate of HIV prevalence in adults in the world.

Recently in Botswana there has been a pattern of moral deterioration. There are large percentages of broken families, illegitimate children, and crimes related to drunkenness.

Please join me in praying for Botswana.

Lord God, I pray for Botswana. Please bring your healing hand to this country that is severely suffering from HIV. I pray for the children of parents who have been infected with HIV. Protect the unborn babies from this disease and care for those with sick parents. Be their Father.

Dear Father, thank You that Botswana is a country with religious freedom and that more than half of the people there profess being Christians. But Lord, I know that among those who say they believe in You there are often people who misrepresent you or don’t have a close relationship with you. I pray that Christians in Botswana would be filled with the Spirit and walk closely with you. Stir them up and make them live for you, Lord. I pray that their minds would be filled with the significance of the Great Commission, and that You would build up teachers who will take the Gospel to their neighbors in Africa.

Father, I pray that you would heal the wounds left by broken families in Botswana, and that Your people there would live in an upright way, in community, that will make others see You and the better life You give.
I pray all this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

* All facts are from,, and the CIA World Factbook.


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