3. Benin

Until I get through all 222 countries/nation states in the world, this blog will be devoted to prayer requests for the globe. There is nothing more important for us as Christians than bringing about God’s Kingdom on earth by turning hearts toward Him. If you believe that the power of prayer can change the world and our own hearts, join me.

Benin, located in the armpit of Africa, is one of the world’s least-developed countries. It is home to at least 58 different people groups, about half of them Christian. The rest follow Islam or their own ethnic religions, and twelve are unreached. Thankfully, the percentage of unreached people has been declining since the 1950s, but there is still a lot of work to be done in Benin.

Prayer Requests for Benin:
-Economic stability. The country hasn’t been able to improve its economic status and the livelihood of its people due to underdevelopment and government corruption
-That Christians in Benin would witness to the unreached people groups
-That medicine would be available to prevent the spreading of the many infectious diseases there

This was a short one, but please feel free to add to the list or leave a prayer of your own as a comment!

*All facts come from the Operation World, Joshua Project, and CIA World Factbook websites.


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