2. Angola

The Gospel has swept through the war-torn country of Angola! This is exciting, however the country still needs a lot of prayer.

Innocent citizens made up 90% of casualties from the civil war that lasted 27 years. Peace came in 2002, but the country is still struggling with rebuilding and suffering from infectious diseases.

Angola is currently rated number one in the amount of deaths per year per 1,000 people (known as the crude death rate) compared to the entire world. They also have the highest infant mortality rate in the world.

Part of the rebuilding process includes ridding the country of land mines, which were used exhaustively during the war. Currently, land is being cleared to build schools, churches, homes and hospitals, but so far 80,000 people have been crippled by land mines.

Most Angolans live in poverty, surrounded by infectious diseases and other physical and psychological harm from experiencing war. Though most Angolans have been receptive to the Gospel and profess Christ, they need other counseling and care to rebuild their country and their lives.

There are two people groups in Angola that are classified as unreached: the Chinese immigrant population and the Masi people. Angola also houses over 12,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Prayer requests for Angola
– That the people would be healed, especially emotionally, from years of war
– Protection for people as they clear land to rebuild
– That the Bible would be translated into the language of the Masi people
– That hospitals would be quickly built and be able to treat peoples disease
– That Christians in Angola would be filled with the Spirit and living lives for Christ
– That refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo would be cared for and presented with the Gospel

As always, please add to the list by leaving comments! If you like the idea of praying for the globe, let your friends know so they can join in. It’s so exciting that this third-world country that is rebuilding itself from the ground up is full of Christians who can be mobilized to other parts of Africa and the world. Their percentage of Christians is higher than in the United States! No wonder they are suffering, but imagine what our prayers could do! Above all else, pray that the church there would be united and strengthened through the Spirit!

*All information comes from http://www.operationworld.com and the CIA World Factbook. When their information conflicted (which was often), I went with Operation World’s facts.


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