1. Algeria

Hi everyone =)

If you haven’t read my last post, let me explain what is going on. I’ve decided to start praying for every country and nation state/territory/whatever in the world. By posting my progress on this blog, I’m hoping that people will join me until we have a legitimate movement of people who are praying for the world.

For this praying-for-the-globe project, I’ve decided to start in Africa, and because my list is in alphabetical order, we are beginning with Algeria.

Algeria, as it is now, is only as old as I am. Algerians fought a hard war against France, and finally won their independence in the 1960s. Since then, Algeria has had problems stabilizing their government. Acts of terrorism by political extremists have died down since the first open election in 1991, but still occur on occasion.

Algeria is the largest Arab nation in Africa and the world’s 11th-largest country. The average age in Algeria is 27, which is very young compared to the rest of the world. Oil is the backbone of the economy, and women dominate carriers in law and medicine.

Algeria’s recent success in becoming a country of its own, along with its wealth in oil reserves, has led to a massive urbanization movement. Problems resulting from this include crumbling infrastructures and shortages of housing and medicine. In addition, about 20 percent of Algerians living in rural areas don’t have adequate access to medicine and clean water.

Algeria houses refugees from Morocco, Palestine, and Western Sahara. There are currently 90,000 Sahrawi people from Western Sahara in refugee camps in southwestern Algeria.

Algeria is also the transit country f0r sex trafficking from parts of southwestern Africa to Europe. The government criminalized human trafficking in 2009, but the situation has improved very little.

There are an estimated 250,000 Christians in underground churches in Algeria. Some speculate that there are more, but nevertheless, the number of Christians is declining.

Prayer Requests for Algeria:
– That Christians would grow in number, and for courage and boldness for them in taking the Gospel outside their churches to the rest of the country
– That the government would stabilize and be able to punish acts of terrorism, care for its people in rural areas, and enforce the criminality of human trafficking
– That the Holy Spirit would work in the hearts of Christians around the world to mobilize them to take the Gospel to Algeria
– That missionaries would visit the refugee camps inside Algeria’s borders so that when refugees return home they can take the Gospel to their countries as well
– For the safety of any Christians in Algeria, native and missionaries
– That the hearts of young people in Algeria would be receptive to Jesus, because they are the largest generation and could change the entire nation to one built on Christ

Please leave your comments and add to this list. And most of all, please send up a prayer for Algeria. It could take you less than ten seconds. Or write “Algeria” on your hand or a post-it note so that you remember to lift up the country in prayer.

Oh Lord, we ask for the nations.


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