Praying for the globe.

For any of you who care, this blog is going to take a turn.

I won’t bother to try to explain all of my thoughts now. That would be pointless. I have about six unfinished posts drafted on this site, but haven’t found the thought-closure to finish them or post them.

Basically, I have been feeling foolish for not writing, but the longer I go without doing it, the harder it becomes.

But I have decided something.

A week ago, I made a list of all the countries and nation-states on the globe. (I mean, I found this list, and I hope it has every place in the world on it.) There are 222 places on the list, and I want to spend time praying for each of them. And I want to invite you to join me.

I’m not going to say I’m going to spend a day or a week praying for each specific place, because, let’s be real, I’m not going to be a consistent blog-updater. Just keep praying for the same place until I have time to change it. That’s the plan. Because I want to try to research each place so we have specific things to pray about.

Why do this? I’m glad you asked.

I heard a song when I was a child (it was a southern-gospel song by a family that had twang to the point of a migraine) that said, “When you don’t feel like praying, pray.” So I am a firm believer that whenever you feel convicted by prayer, or have a bad attitude during prayer, that it means you need to pray more than anything. I have been feeling convicted of prayer since the summer, and have been trying to pray more. It hasn’t worked very well. I couldn’t make myself want to pray of my own free will. But this past December, something awakened in me, and I just felt the NEED and the URGE to pray. It’s pretty unexplainable, but I just want to pray all the time. It might sound a little pathetic, but most of the time all I want to do is sit in my dimly-lit little room, on my brightly colored quilt, with my Bible and some incense.

But, more importantly, Jesus tells us to pray. He wants us to pray – so much, in fact, that He won’t give us anything unless we pray and ask him for it.

Which leads me to my next reason for doing this.

I have been feeling SO restless. I want to get out of Ohio, all cold and covered in snow, and go someplace warm and dirty. I long for the trash-coated mountainsides and smoggy air of Honduras. I look at pictures of my friends’ mission trip to South Asia, and I have never been so attracted to such a filthy place. Before starting school this year, I was scared because I thought I’d never be ready to graduate, but now I just want to get out and DO something for the world.

But I’m stuck here for another year and a half. So this is what I’m doing. I would love if you’d join me. And it doesn’t have to be as intense as I’m making this sound. If you ever stumble across this blog, or just see that I’ve updated, read the title of the post and you’ll know who to send up a quick prayer for. I believe in the power of prayer, and I know that nothing increases your belief in the power of prayer better than praying. So if you’re doubtful that people joining in prayer is effective, just join in prayer. You’ll see how big God is.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Stay tuned. We’re going to pray soon.


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