Well, if I’m not going to write, I might as well post some pictures.

A few days ago, I was attempting to drown out drowsiness and laziness from spending hours in front of my computer trying to write my grandpa’s story, and I turned to my usual muse: photographing things around my house. I just realized that I don’t have any pictures of the snow yet. I hate being cold. But here is what I do have.

A flock of birds surrounded my house one morning. It frightened me a little.

One of my mom’s first ornaments. I love photographing Christmas trees, but it’s hard to capture them in all their glory. This at least gets a memory.

The angel is waking up for Christmas.

My parents, circa before I was born. It might have been Christmas in San Diego; the wonderful thing about California is you can’t tell.


One thought on “Winter.

  1. Rosemary Hafner Eversole says:

    Hanna the photo of your Dad and Mom was taken at their engagement party.

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