I don’t have a lot of time (I never have a lot of time anymore), but I just need to blog before I forget that this website exists.

And I am going to do it Elaine McKinley style.

1. I’m jealous that my computer recognizes Elaine’s full name, but whenever I write out “Hanna Hafner” it’s accompanied by the annoying, red dotted line. I hate seeing that line when I know I’m right.

2. In fact, I generally dislike things/people that tell me I’m wrong when I know I’m right.

3. I’m sure I sound very conceited right now.

4. I’m… tired.

5. Snowman. I want to build a snowman.

6. This weekend, I asked my boyfriend what we were going to do, and he said, “Whatever you want.” This is generally a good thing for boyfriends to say, but I said that I wanted to go to Canada because I wanted to see a reindeer. This weekend was fantastic, but it did not include passports, Niagara Falls, reindeer, or snow.

7. Snow. I hate cold, but I really want to see some snow right now.

8. I’m looking up pictures of snow. I googled “Winter wonderland” and got a bunch of phony pictures. Then I googled “Real snow.” Ah. Much better.

9. There is some weird stuff, though. Like emo Snow White.

10. I’m trying to decide if I want to end it on that note for the sake of a rounded number.

11. According to Jess Lohner, 25 is a round number. I don’t know what we were talking about, but it went something like this.

Jess: I want it to be a nice, round number. Like 25.
Me: Jess, 25 isn’t a round number. A round number is like, 10 or 30. With a zero.
Jess: Well, I mean a nice, even number.
Me: Jess, 25 is not an even number.
Jess: You know what I mean!
Me: …

That’s all, folks.



One thought on “Spew.

  1. Hahaha when did we have that conversation?

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