…Though He is not far from each of us…

One thing I’ve always had a hard time understanding is the truth that God has chosen His kingdom in advance. His sovereignty is not something that is easy to grasp because it leads to so many different questions.

If God loves everyone and wants everyone to come to Him, how is it that He already knows who will become a Christian?

That kind of thing.
I still struggle with trying to answer that, so if you were looking to me to clarify that… Sorry.

But there’s something that I’ve begun to see through the work I’m doing this summer.

(If you don’t know what I’m doing this summer, the short story is I have an internship with my church, and my job is to meet with lots of people, listen to their testimonies, and write out their stories.)

I was talking with a woman today who has an amazing story and an incredibly tender heart for God. She’s almost 50 now, and didn’t seek God to fill her until about three years ago. As I was wrapping up the interview, she said, “Can I ask you a question?”

That was a surprise, but I said she could ask me anything. And she wanted to know part of my testimony – how young I was when I became a Christian and how I ended up working with my church at 19. And I realized that, to her, I seemed like a super-Christian – young and bold and strong in my faith. I told her about how it wasn’t until this past year that I really felt like my relationship with my Father was personal like it should be, and while we were talking, it occurred to me –

It’s really up to God who comes to know Him, and when.
I could tell just by comparing my life to Karalee’s.

Think about it. Those of you who have a personal relationship with God have experienced Him in some way. He has made Himself known to you in a way that you couldn’t ignore.

I mean, He has made Himself known to each of us through His Son. The Bible tells us everything we know about God, and anyone could become a Christian by reading the Word and accepting what it says. But I know that I have a Savior because of how I have felt it. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit even works in the lives of those who haven’t yet believed that Jesus is the Son of God.

I don’t know how to explain any more of it, because the more I think about it the more confused I get. But it’s cool – at least for me – to know that God wanted me for something. He chose me, and He chose to reveal Himself to me at different points in my life… Yet He does desire that all should come to Him, and He is not far from each one of us…

But still, there must be a reason that God impacted Karalee’s life in her late forties, and mine when I was eighteen. It must have been for our good. Because He could have chosen differently.

[I still don’t have much understanding of this. If you do, please shed some light on this iffy, chaotic entry! Or leave any sort of comment. I’m not picky.]


2 thoughts on “…Though He is not far from each of us…

  1. *spiritual yummy* What a blessing of a job! And yeah, that moment when you realize that He has been pursuing after you because He chose to is so good. It wasn’t something He had to do, but He actually chose to-that’s what blows my mind. And gives me chills. And is so exciting, you know?

  2. Colleen says:

    Really great insight, Hanna- I totally agree with you that God chooses us. The other half of that is that He chooses each one of us and continues to make himself available to us throughout our lives. For Karalee, the point when she decided to choose Him back was when she was in her forties. Because His love for us is so big, despite the fact that He desires us over anything else, he lets us choose not to accept him. So, it’s a lot like when you choose to be in a relationship with someone on this earth; you both make a decision. He chooses us, and we choose Him. Sometimes, we ignore that opportunity for relationship with Him early on, or later on, or somewhere in the middle, but that doesn’t change His stance, you know? … my comment is a little confusing, but what I’m trying to say is that it’s a two part deal. thoughts?

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