This one time, I was fourteen…

One time, I wrote a poem to cheer me up. It worked. It’s embarrassing, it’s hilarious, and it’s the epitome of me as a fourteen-year-old. You’ll have iambic pentameter or something stuck in your head for 20 years, but enjoy.

Be quiet or be loud
Sing soft or shout it out
‘Cause when you make a joyful noise
None of it’s just sound.
There’s smiling and there’s laughter
And though it seems profound,
Even falling tears can represent the joy I’ve found.
When I’m sad and lonely
When I’m all shades of blue
it gives me joy to know
That He’s been through it too.

Amazing creatures, great and small
Creation’s beauty, wonder, awe
Dancing in the pouring rain
Relief of getting out of pain
Paper, pens, songs and words
Writing, Play-doh, Post-its, and birds
Sun sets, stars, and something new
Chocolate, letters, gum to chew
Deep eyes, warm hugs, places to be
People to meet, people to see
Mismatched socks and books galore,
Matches, Spider-man, and the Disney Store,
A purple house with a red door,
Hide n’ seek in the grocery store,
Fruit, loud music, puns, and rhymes,
California and Pappou’s wind chimes,
Harmonies, memories, pizza-dude deliveries,
Talks of Heaven, climbing trees,
Family, being who I want to be.
My favorite girls and a special boy,
Joy joy joy joy joy joy joy!


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