Creation and beauty and numbness and such.

Oh, man! Sudden urge to blog?! I must take advantage of this.

I almost just started typing about how my summer just started, but nothing’s happened yet, so why cliché-up my first blog post in a millennium?

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about for the past fifteen minutes:

Let me paint the setting for you first.
My kitchen table (where I’m sitting right now) offers a nice view of my backyard. I can see trees of all sizes against a background of gray sky, and my mom’s little garden has golden and orange lilies and some little white flowers I don’t know the name of. Puddles are overflowing off of our glass table on the deck…
Maybe I’ll just take a picture. I’m no Thoreau.

But I woke up this morning, poured my coffee, looked out the window, and oh my golly…
I was sort of speechless/wanted to cry a little bit. Because:
A) I felt like I was home.
B) It’s raining, and I always feel a sort of sweet sorrow when it rains. It’s a good thing.
C) It was beautiful all over again.

I’m pretty sure it happens to all of us. We go to a new place, pick a favorite spot, bask in its splendor for a while, then get bored of it. It doesn’t touch us the way it did when we first saw it.

I’ve been looking through the hundreds of pictures that my friends in France have taken on their study abroad trip, and I gasp all the time. It was probably really annoying to my roommate. I would gasp, and she would hear it and look at me, then I would say, “Molly, you have to see this! I didn’t know this was in France! (!!!!!!)” And she’d look, and she’d nod, and then she’d put her earphones back in and continue watching Lost.

Anyway, after that I got all anti-Western Hemisphere/U.S.A. and thought, Why is beauty so much harder to find here?

It’s not. Or it shouldn’t be.
Bottom line, all Creation was made by the same God, who certainly did not play favorites and make a prettier half of the world.
And even with whatever disasters man has caused/plagued the earth with, Scripture says that all Creation screams about the glory of our beautiful, holy God.

Sometimes we just don’t expect beauty. Or we look at  it and don’t realize what it is and what it’s saying. We get numb to all of God’s messages to us. It’s another form of refusing to listen.

Not this summer. Not for me.

…I guess the rest of my thoughts don’t take the form of words, so I’m done here. Going to go outside to take pictures of my backyard.
Stay tuned for a picture update!



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