Stuff OUCCCers Like

Disclaimer: Not an original idea AT ALL.

But I have a list. I may be rebuked for this.

#1. Abbreviating/creating acronyms.

The first year of an OUCCC student can be told in a series of acronyms and abbreviations.

Once upon a time there was a freshman girl living in Biddle. Her journey starts with a blue square of card-stock. There’s no acronym for that. But then the freshman gets invited to B-stud in Jeff (not Jefferson Hall). She discovers that CCC or 180 is on Thursday nights, and she comes to hear B-Mac give his first talk of the year and tell a few jokes about the KGP that she won’t understand until she goes to IndyCC or PCB.

So now it’s winter or spring quarter. The freshman has grown in both knowledge and wisdom. Perhaps she asked for a colorful, leather-bound ESV for Christmas so she could fit in. Following a retreat, perhaps she has her first DTR with a nice Christian boy, but it goes nowhere for at least three months. By this time, she’s been told about the DNA of OUCCC and Win, Build, Send and all that. Following her accepted challenge, she goes to her first two DLL meetings, and later starts D-time. She is now super pumped to help lead a B-stud and attend her Action Group, or MAG.

Repeat about half of this process for this girl’s sophomore year, with a few more DTRs and a little less confusion . Taadaa!

Did I miss anything?


One thought on “Stuff OUCCCers Like

  1. this is fantastic! i love that it all happens in the froom.

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