The Big Question

So, the title of this post is a bit pretentious. NBD.

The thing is, I have a very small (minute, teeny-weenie, itty-bitty, actually) dilemma.

This blog site was simply for my online journalism class. We were required to have a bog on wordpress, so I had to split my allegiance with blogspot.

Now, I know that I don’t blog half (a quarter, a sixteenth) as much as I should, but the guilt is building to the point where I’m about to make it a New Year’s (spring quarter, May, week 8) solution to share my thoughts. What I want to do is confine my thoughts to one blog site, thank you very much. Which would mean the end of blogging about trends on this site (sorry to anyone this disappoints? Haha yeah sure). To be honest, I’m not really interested in blogging about Vera Bradley anymore. The South Butt stories were fun to do, but that’s because I like it when someone sticks it to The Man.

Anyway. What I need from you, dear reader (hello? are you there?) is to tell me which you prefer: WordPress or Blogspot? And if you’ve only ever used one, tell me why you like it. Meanwhile I’m going to play around with how this site looks, etc. We’ll see.

Thank you very much.


K, I posted this not five minutes ago, and already blogspot is winning. Why? Well, why on earth, WordPress, would you change my number eight into a smiley face with sunglasses? I’m trying to be professional, here. (Ha!) So just leave it alone.


One thought on “The Big Question

  1. Jordan Hummel says:

    Blogspot. Man. 8.

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