People watching…

Today I decided to put the Scientific Method to use and do a little observational experiment. So I planted myself in the Front room at 3:20 in the afternoon, and from my perch I counted people and their stuff as they grabbed coffee or came in to warm up.

Here are my findings, at a low-traffic, one hour period:

Ugg boots:
31 pairs, including one in leopard print.

North Face jackets:
Also three North Face backpacks, but no South Butt gear.

Vera Bradley items:
19, including two breast cancer awareness patterns (!!!)

I also counted nine pairs of Chuck Taylors, five Apple laptops, two Coach purses, and three spray tans. Later on, I stopped a girl sitting on her laptop watching Titanic, and asked her to describe her reaction if, hypothetically, she would see a group of girls all wearing Ugg boots, North Face jackets, Pink sweatpants, and carrying Vera Bradley purses.
“I would text my sister and say I saw x-amount of Missy-Ugg-Faces,” said Ohio University student Molly McKinney.

Last thought:
This hair poof impaired my learning capabilities in class today.


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