News Story Analysis

I read this article on about childhood obesity.

The article grabs the reader’s attention by asking questions in the lede, which is something that isn’t normally done. It’s appealing to a specific audience – parents who are worried about their child’s weight – so automatically their attention is captured.

The next paragraph lays out the rest of the article, like an introduction to a three-paragraph essay would. Before addressing those three things specifically, the writer takes on the concepts as a whole, giving details about surveys done and different studies.

The focus of the story gets broader and sort of changes near the middle, when the writer starts talking about household statistics and their affects on childhood obesity. This could be the context part of the story, because it shows where the problem could be coming from.

At the bottom of the page is a “Follow this topic” option, where readers can choose to get notified of updates in the story or about similar stories. There are also recommended stories with related topics and links to the rest of the newer health stories. These all contribute to user control. At the bottom of the page there is room for comments, where interactivity comes into play.


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