Update on the North vs. the South

This morning, The North Face and The South Butt appeared together in court in St. Louis, Mo. for the first time. A local news station, KMOX, was there to report that the judge ordered the two companies to try to come up with an agreement before their later court date in April.

Jimmy Winkelmann, founder of The South Butt, was not present because he is in college, probably studying for midterms like the rest of us. However, he said he is “about 75 percent confident” that the outcome will be in his favor.

Beside suing Winkelmann, The North Face is also suing Williams Pharmacy for selling The South Butt products.

The defense attorney, Albert S. Watkins, told the local news station that thus far, The North Face has handled the situation poorly. Maybe he thinks that they should thrive in the attention that The South Butt brings to their products, just as those with The South Butt are taking advantage of the publicity The North Face’s lawsuit is handing them.


One thought on “Update on the North vs. the South

  1. I wonder if anyone in the audience giggled when they said the “South Butt” during the trial. I would have.

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