Patterns are cool!

I was sitting with my girl friends, discussing Biblical truths over Rice Crispies, when this little scene caught my eye. Stripes, polka dots, swirlies, oh my!

Like my neat-o neon colored, zebra print socks? Yeah, that’s right.

Color and patterns are very important when it comes to trends. Right now, more people seem to be going for basic plaid, but I’ve seen some funky florals recently as well. One of the reasons why I cannot appreciate Ugg boots one little bit is because they have no prints. While neutrals are much more valuable, colors can be much more fun, and I’ve seen off-brand Uggs that utilize color better. Under “New Arrivals” on their website, there’s a lot more color and even a pattern or two. But really? Lime green and salmon winter boots? Really?

This is my idea of well-clad winter feet.  Snug indoors in some slippers. Hot chocolate optional, but prefered.


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