CNN recently changed their layout. Changing the layout wasn’t a mistake, but the way they changed it was. It’s just so… Red.

But anyway, is still a great source of news. It’s just not a pretty one.  There’s a lot going on on this site, but the headlines do a good job of telling the story. The news categories, if semi eye-blinding, are easily found at the top of the page. But the home page is a fail. It’s too crowded, too red; it makes me anxious.


Oh, BBC, why did you choose that shade of purple?
Purple is cool and stuff. It’s just not a news-y color.

Anyway, my take on BBC’s site is that it really takes in a wider scope of global news than CNN. You’re more likely to see something on BBC’s home page that CNN would hide in their red caverns of cyberspace. They also have a “Take the Tour” link, where they will walk you through how to customize the site to your liking, which is cute. Their downfall might be that there’s a lot of space on the site that’s taken up with stuff that I, as a normal average person, will never look at.


After looking at CNN and BBC’s cites, Newsweek’s made my eyes happy. It has by far the best layout. Of course, it’s different than the others because Newsweek is magazine-based. I think they’ve still tried to keep their online stories more in-depth to keep with the magazine feel. It’s very picture-oriented, and I like how the space for the top story changes like a slide show, so that you can get your version of a top story, no matter who you are or what kind of news you like.


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