Bloggin’ on Blogs.


I can’t say I enjoyed my experience with Technorati. It is a large directory for all kinds of blogs, which helped me find a lot of bad blogs. I decided that pet blogs are the worst to read. If someone had told me that the second most popular pets to blog about were parrots, I would have thought they were joking. I’ve decided that the ratio of parrot-centered pet blogs to non-parrot-centered pet blogs is unsettling. I went to check out what was so interesting about their parrots, and I discovered: nothing is so interesting about their parrots. Maybe this is just because I don’t care about parrots. Still, after all my plucking around, I did not find one that I enjoyed.

Technorati also has a special place for their Top 100 blogs, but these are not separated by category like the regular directory. This is not ideal.


I was impressed with some of the WordPress blogs. The site showcases some of their more popular blogs every day, and one must simply choose something that looks interesting. This allowed me to stumble upon a humorous blog about awful library books. The organizer of this blog takes submissions from her readers and displays the book cover and short commentary by herself, the submitter, or both. This is an amusing and original topic, and she utilizes the online aspect by taking submissions. I like it.

Perez Hilton

I have never been a fan of celebrity news, mostly because I have never been much of a fan of celebrities. But that has nothing to do with my judgment of Perez Hilton‘s blogging style.
The way he blogs is pretty idealistic if you’re not a reporter. He gets his news from another news source, slaps on a picture or a video, and writes one or two lines (sometimes a whole paragraph!) of his own commentary, which is usually littered with chat-speak. The way he defaces the pictures gives the whole blog a small injection of originality that makes me want to warm up to him a little bit. I guess that’s why he has so many readers. Celebrity gossip must be more fun coming from a twerp who draws on pictures.

Side Note:
Also, as a side note, I would like to add that my favorite blog right now is 1,000 Awesome Things. The idea is so simple, and I wish I had thought of it. All it is is a countdown of 1,000 things the writer finds fantastic, superb, terrific, great, groovy, and/or outstanding. It brightens my day.


One thought on “Bloggin’ on Blogs.

  1. mollyyanity says:

    The 1,000 things is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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