About “As Seen On Campus”

It took me a total of zero days at Ohio University to realize that something fishy was going on. No one will argue that college is more than just going to school. People come for the experience – for the community and rowdiness. Being raised in a nice part of middle-class suburban Columbus, this little Athens campus is the most diverse place I’ve ever visited. People come here from such foreign places as Russia, China, Indonesia. Oregon. Pennsylvania. Cleveland! And yet, something odd is happening to the student population.

I don’t understand it.  If only I could read college kids’ minds like marketers do. “Please make me pay you to advertise your product instead of the other way around,” “Isn’t it obvious that I will wear whatever you tell me to?” “Make me a clone!” “I’m so unique. But I’m hip, too. See? Vera Bradley. What now?!”

Somehow, many students still want to be like everybody else, and over the next eight weeks I’m going to point out the brands and trends that prove it.

I plan on interviewing a plethora of these walking billboards, as well as people who sell some of these brands in stores on Court street. I’m also going to take a look into community organizations, on campus or online, like “Southbutt,” the  Northface brand’s arch nemesis. I also hope to take educational ventures into the brands themselves, so that whoever reads this might learn some little tidbits of info that they may be able to impress their friends with.

That is all.


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