Hi. My name is Hanna.

What I really want to tell you about me right now is how I am tempted to just copy and paste this blog entry from my facebook because it’s almost one in the morning and my fingers have been making friction with my Spanish textbook for so long that my brain is thinking, “Necesito dormir” instead of, “Jammies and teddy, where are you? Time to snuggle!”
Not that I’ve made this blog my last priority. I’ve actually had mixed feelings about it: looking forward to it, as well as putting it off because I haven’t quite figured out how I want to introduce myself. But since all that “figuring out” was out the window once I said “jammies,” here goes.
I really couldn’t tell you why I’m majoring in journalism. Originally it began as this hugely idealistic and nieve view of what journalism actually was. I came here freshman year thinking I was going to become the next Nellie Bly, and I guess I could still hold on to that dream if I didn’t like writing exactly what I’m thinking so much. Throughout last year I beat myself up over it, thinking I could have picked art or something fun that didn’t involve so many rules. I hate rules.
Rules are like when you’re lying in bed, all snug under the covers, and suddenly out of nowhere you have to move your feet. You kick, kick, kick at the sheets until they come loose at the bottom, and you fling yourself over onto your side until one foot is completely free and can breathe while the other still lies under the covers because it doesn’t mind so much anymore.
Rules are fine as long as I know I’ve got one up on them.

As for the rest of me, I’m a devout human and a practicing redhead. I have a desperate love for oranges, giraffes, my four brothers, things that glow in the dark or sparkle, good literature, my parents, autumn, making things, and Jesus. Among the things I hate are injustice, dishonesty, bitterness, and stickiness outside the syrup bottle, but I try not to hate things because it’s a waste of energy.
I just stopped typing for the longest time because the word count was 365 and I didn’t want to ruin it.
To sum up what you’ve probably gathered, I think that what draws me to online journalism isn’t its potential for constant update or ability to feed real breaking news to the public. Those things are great, I suppose, but everything moves so fast as it is. It can’t all be a good thing. What I like most about online journalism are the opinions. I like getting to know people on the news, TV celebrities, writers, and artists when they’re willing to sort of toe the line and just say what they think, or whatever they want to say. I like being able to say whatever I want to say where whoever can find it will read it, if they think it’s enjoyable. The sharing of ideas, opinions, stories and thoughts is exciting to me because I’m always ready to find out something new, not just about the news and current events, but about people.
I hope you enjoy the blog. Ten-four.

P.S. I just looked up what ten-four means. The numbers correspond to the tenth and fourth letters of the alphabet: J and D. JD stands for “Job Done.” 13-1. Mission Accomplished.


One thought on “Hi. My name is Hanna.

  1. mollyyanity says:

    You and I are going to get along fabulously. (Aside: Im in my jammies, too.)

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