California Blog – Entry 3

I wish the blog “1000 Awesome Things” had been my idea, but it wasn’t. I still have a good one, though: Airport reunions.
I just witnessed one. Group of college students meets group of college students. “It’s been so long!”
The best one I’ve ever seen was when my best friend in high school came back from a year in Germany. I was there with her family and friend Kyle. Grandparents. Cousins. Sister. Aunt. Her mom brought little American flags for us to wave, and shiny noise makers like the one I got in a party bag when my friend turned nine. There’s nothing like that kind of anticipation – seeing someone you really care about after being apart too long. When the arrival time gets nearer, something burns and bubbles in the pit of your stomach. Your throat gets tight even as you get ready to squeal or yell their name.
It’s the worst and the best feeling every time someone walks out of the gate and for a split second you think, “It’s them!”
Of course Molly was one of the last ones off. As we were celebrating and giving hugs and flowers, I noticed one other family still there. Well, half a family. A mother and small child, just starting to walk in the tiniest tennis shoes, were waiting. The woman’s eyes never left the hallway whoever she was waiting on was supposed to have already come down.
I started to feel anxious again. Seconds ticked by slowly. Our party was set to leave, when finally, finally, a man emerged into view dressed in full marine outfit, and the mother breathed again.
From here your imagination can do a better job than the English language.


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