The burden of Love

I had a moment today. It was one of the most powerful and overwhelming things I’ve ever felt, and only being able to explain it in my simple, elementary words only makes my point. I’m sure everyone bothering to read this already knows that I’m involved in a production of Hairspray. (This post isn’t about… More The burden of Love

Meridith Regina

If you follow me on instagram, you’re probably worried about me.  For two weeks I’ve been incessantly oversharing photos of my niece. She is brand new, and I just got to meet her over the weekend, when she turned eleven days old. Meridith made Brett and I an aunt and uncle for the very first time,… More Meridith Regina

Jesus + Jerusalem

So I’ve started a lot of blog posts this past month, but due to many, many, many things (happy things!) happening in my life right now, I haven’t finished or posted any of them. I’ll write an update sometime (as if you actually missed me) (who even are “you”), but here’s just my thoughts for… More Jesus + Jerusalem


When I close my eyes to meet with Jesus, I end up somewhere like this:   I stand on the mountaintop and wait for Him, and He comes in the wind blowing through my hair and over my bare toes. And I close my eyes to listen to what He says to me. I’ve been… More Mountaintop.